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Layana Resort, Koh Lanta, ThailandLayana Resort, Koh Lanta, Thailand | Leavethembehind<br />Layana Resort, Koh Lanta, Thailand<br />
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Layana Resort, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Best time to visit Fiji?
With more than 300 islands and a tropical climate, Fiji is all year round destination and the islands are full of thousands of pristine beaches each with their own individuality and serenity. Crystal clear blue lagoons and white sandy beaches surround you and are a match for every occasion...

Relaxing and Quiet Holiday Planning Tips
Depending on your life stage whether you're the honeymooner in search of undivided peace and romance, a retiree couple looking to forgot the years of screaming nightmares or the husband and wife who just needs some time away from your own...

Child-free sections on planes
According to a poll 85 percent of passengers would like to see child-free sections on planes. The survey reveals the level of frustration that most passengers feel when seated next to a crying baby or over-zealous youngster. The poll drew over a massive 17,000 responses and...

We aim to present you with everything you need to know about escaping for a peaceful and relaxing adult only vacations or adult only all inclusive holiday. Adult only all-inclusive holidays are becoming more and more popular, so please keep checking back in to find more and more destinations specialising in adult only vacations or children free holidays.

Find spiritual holidays, health retreats, holidays without children, yoga retreats, no children holidays as well as travel information focusing on child-free hotels and resorts worldwide. Whether you are looking for honeymoon, couples only holidays, adult only all inclusive, villas or any holiday specialising in mind body spirit, view the destinations below. We are dedicated to the peaceful side of life.

Honeymoons, Yoga retreats and Child free holiday destinations - quick links:
The land of Oz and of the golden sun: Child free holidays Australia
Bali home to discount shopping and resort heaven
Child free holidays Bali
Soft sand and crystal waters in the Caribbean -
Cheap Caribbean vacations
The fifteen islands of the south pacific and home to pearls
Child free holidays Cook Islands
Much more than Cuban cigars and beautiful beaches
Child free holidays Cuba
A jewell in the Mediterranean Cyprus is
Child free holidays Cyprus
The home to some of the best islands in the world - best be on Fiji time!
Child free holidays Fiji
The cultural home of food and wine, and great countryside too!
Child free holidays France
Some say there's no place on earth like Hawaii, while others just surf
Child free holidays Hawaii
The food and coffee lovers true home and a holidayers delight!
Child free holidays Italy
Fifth largest country in the Americas and resorts galore
Children free holidays Mexico
Islands, weather and Sangria, what more could you want
Child free holidays Spain
Bargain holidays abound here in th elargest of the Canaries
Child free holidays Tenerife
Bordered by the Sahara and large coastline makes this an ideal getaway
Child free holidays Tunisia
Home to great food where the east meets the west -
Child free holidays Turkey
Some of Europes great sites reside here, while the English countryside flows
Child free holidays UK
The United States has almost too much to see for one lifetime!
Child free holidays US
Island with a lifestyle and beaches that are a must see at least once in your life
Child free holidays Vanuatu

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